Oscillococcinum 30 Doses – Homeopathic Medicine for Flu Symptoms Treatment


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Oscilococcinum® is a homeopathic medicinal product for the prevention and treatment of influenza conditions in the initial and clinical stages, with fever, chills, muscle pain.

Homeopathic Medicine Presentation and Usage Guidelines

Oscillococcinum, a homeopathic medicine, is specifically indicated for the treatment of flu symptoms, including chills, body aches, and fever.

The dosage of Oscillococcinum varies depending on the situation:

  • During the winter season, take one dose per week.
  • At the onset of flu symptoms, take a dose as soon as possible. Optionally, repeat this dosage two more times with a 6-hour interval.
  • In the case of confirmed influenza, take one dose of Oscillococcinum in the morning and another in the evening for 1-3 days. Let the granules melt under your tongue, without food.

For children under 6 years old, dissolve the granules in water before administration to avoid any risk of aspiration. For infants, dissolve the granules in a small amount of water and administer using a spoon or bottle.

To maximize effectiveness, it is recommended to take Oscillococcinum between meals, either 15 minutes before or 1 hour after eating. Taking Oscillococcinum at the first signs of flu-like symptoms yields better and faster results.

If symptoms persist beyond three days, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Precautions and Warnings

If you have been diagnosed with sugar intolerance, please consult your doctor before taking this medicine. Due to the presence of sucrose, Oscillococcinum is not recommended for patients with fructose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption, or sucrase-isomaltase deficiency (rare hereditary diseases). Furthermore, due to the presence of lactose, this medicine is not recommended for patients with galactose intolerance, Lapp lactase deficiency, or glucose-galactose malabsorption (rare hereditary diseases).


Known excipients: sucrose, lactose. Active Ingredients: filtered autolysate of liver and heart of Anas Barbariae, potency 200K. Excipients (sucrose, lactose) quantity sufficient for 1 dose of 1g of granules.

History of Oscillococcinum in Homeopathy

Oscillococcinum, developed by Boiron, has a unique and fascinating history in homeopathy.

During the severe global flu epidemic of 1919, Dr. Joseph Roy, based in Dijon, observed in his patients a phenomenon of oscillating rates and “swinging” of a microbe he named “oscillococcus.” However, the existence of this microbe has never been proven.

Years later, Dr. Roy believed he observed the same microbe in various viral diseases (such as herpes, chickenpox, mumps, measles, and herpes zoster), as well as in the blood of tuberculosis and cancer patients. He initially tested an extract from his Oscillococcinum to treat cancer through vaccine therapy. Unfortunately, this therapy involving the strain of Oscillococcinum led to worsening conditions in some patients. Despite setbacks, Dr. Roy continued his experiments with Oscillococcinum. To utilize his discovery for preventive and curative purposes, he chose the liver and heart of Muscovy ducks as a source for growing the seed. Oscillococcinum is an animal extract diluted to an infinitesimal level, approximately 1 part in 10400.

The use of Oscillococcinum does not adhere to the principles of similarity and individualization of treatment, which are fundamental in homeopathy. Therefore, it stands as an exception among homeopathic treatments, and some homeopaths and homeopathy specialists criticize its usage.

Number of Doses

30, 6


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