Contractubex 20g – Scar Cream, Ustions, Acne, Surgical

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Contractubex Treating scars successfully, Contractubex is a highly effective treatment for all scar types. It actively promotes the healing process of the skin and reduces scarring from within.

Treating Scars Effectively with Contractubex

Experience successful scar treatment with Contractubex, a highly effective solution for all types of scars. This exceptional product actively supports the skin’s healing process, working internally to minimize scarring.

The Triple Effect Scar Gel

Contractubex offers a unique triple effect that sets it apart. Firstly, it prevents excessive scar tissue formation. Secondly, it reduces redness, itching, and tightness. Lastly, it smoothens the scar, improving elasticity and resulting in a nearly invisible appearance.

Optimal Results with Early Treatment

To achieve the best possible outcome, it is recommended to begin treatment as soon as the wound is closed or stitches are removed. Taking prompt action ensures that your scar becomes so fine that it becomes hardly noticeable.

Contractubex: The Preferred Scar Treatment Globally

With over 50 years of successful scar treatment, Contractubex is the top-selling product in more than 60 countries. Medical professionals worldwide regularly recommend this trusted brand.

Proven Efficacy and Patient Satisfaction

Clinical studies consistently demonstrate the effectiveness of Contractubex. Its unique blend of three active ingredients deeply penetrates the scar, reducing scarring and resulting in a nearly invisible appearance. The positive experiences of numerous patients further validate the product’s efficacy in scar treatment.

Active Ingredients for Superior Healing

Contractubex owes its effectiveness to a powerful combination of active ingredients. Its transparent gel contains extractum cepae, which possesses anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties, preventing excessive scar tissue formation. Heparin, another key ingredient, softens tissue structure, exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties, supports regeneration, and aids in scar tissue hydration. Allantoin, a vital ingredient, promotes wound healing, softens scar tissue, facilitates skin penetration, and relieves itching commonly associated with scar formation.

Application Tips for Visible Results

Early and consistent treatment is crucial for visible results with Contractubex. Applying the gel 2 to 3 times daily for a minimum of 3 months is recommended. The gel forms a discreet film that protects delicate scar tissue. Massage the gel gently from the scar’s center, working towards the edges until it is fully absorbed.

Versatility for Various Scar Types

Contractubex effectively treats scars resulting from diverse injuries, including abrasions, cuts, lacerations, surgical procedures, burns, scalds, and laser treatments like tattoo removal. Whether your scar is barely visible or causes physical limitations, Contractubex ensures optimal healing and minimizes scar visibility.

Patience and Safety in Scar Treatment

Successful scar treatment requires patience, as the skin takes time to heal. After approximately 4 weeks, you can expect a reduction in redness. Over the course of two months, scar tissue gradually lightens, becomes more elastic, and flattens. Contractubex is a safe product with a proven track record, suitable even for small children and infants.


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