Vibrocil Nasal Spray 15ml – Reduces Rhinitis Blocked Nose Relieve

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Vibrocil is used to reduce nasal edema in colds, acute and chronic rhinitis, hay fever or other allergic rhinitis (allergy to house dust, animal hair, etc.), Vasomotor rhinitis and sinusitis. Vibrocil can also be used as an adjunctive therapy for otitis media. Your doctor may recommend Vibrocil for pre- or postoperative treatment of nasal surgeries. If after 7 days you do not feel better or worse, you should see your doctor.

Vibrocil Vibrocil Introduction:

Discover immediate and long-lasting relief with Vibrocil Nasal Spray. This highly effective formula targets nasal congestion and runny nose caused by infections or allergies. With a powerful decongestant and antihistamine combination, it provides rapid relief without disrupting nasal function.

Targeted Relief:

Suitable for a range of conditions, it reduces nasal edema caused by colds, rhinitis, hay fever, and more. It offers relief for sinusitis, vasomotor rhinitis, and aids in nasal surgeries. Monitor symptoms and consult a healthcare professional if no improvement occurs within seven days.

Gentle and Non-disruptive:

Vibrocil’s precise formulation ensures relief without compromising nasal health. Experience comfort and optimal results without concerns about nasal damage.

Consultation and Monitoring:

Monitor symptoms closely and consult a doctor for personalized guidance. Prioritize your nasal health and seek expert advice when needed.

Choose this Spray for effective and safe relief. Experience targeted comfort and regain control of your nasal health. Enjoy quick and lasting relief without discomfort or disruption. Convenient and hassle-free, it is your reliable companion wherever you go. Don’t let nasal congestion hold you back – choose Vibrocil Nasal Spray.


nasal spray, suitable for children, teenagers, and adults. Contains Dimetindene maleate.

Vibrocil Dosage:

Follow the instructions provided by your doctor or pharmacist. Use the recommended dosage for each age group to ensure safe and effective use.

Vibrocil  Composition:

Contains active ingredients Phenylephrine and Dimethindene maleate, along with carefully selected components for enhanced effectiveness.


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